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MINE - Authenticate, Track, & Transfer Possessions Using blockchain technology to verify ownership, authenticate, and track the transfer of possessions

1. Bitcoin Revolution - Andreas Antonopoulos

A deep explaination of Bitcoin and it's future

2. The New Social Contract - Don Tapscott

We need a new social contract for a new technology era.

3. George Gilder - author of Life After Google, argues that bitcoin and blockchain technology is revolutionizing the Interne

4. Milken Institute Published on Feb 28, 2019 | Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: What to Expect Next

Eva Kaili is a member of the European Parliament, representing the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, and a former television news presenter.

5. Bitcoins Origins and the Genesis Blockade | Andreas M. Antonopoulos

An overview of were Bitcoin will take us

6. Interplanetery File System - The Permanent Internet Explained

7. "Understanding The Blockchain" - Andreas Antonopoulos

Great explanation of blockchain in simple terms

8. Our Meetup Presentation - Nicko Trataris

An overview of what Blockchain & Bitcoin is

9. Discuss(Jan 08, 2018) Andreas Antonopoulos

Worse than Useless: Financial Surveillance

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